Starcraft 2 Three Powerful Terran Counters Against Zerg

Starcraft 2 Three Powerful Terran Counters Against Zerg

Starcraft 2 multi players here are three powerful Terran counters against Zerg opponents. If you are playing as Terran then you need to know how to deal with those Zerg’s. Find out how to counter Zerg Mutalisks, Zergling Rush, and Roaches.

Starcraft II is all about knowing and using different strategies. To be a successful Starcraft multi player you have to understand how to use all the different units. Knowing what units to make when your scout sees an army of Void Rays rushing your base is essential to being successful. Learn how to counter all of the most popular builds and you will start to win more often.

Terran Counter Zerg Mutalisks

Mutalisks are one of the most powerful Zerg air units and they are available early in the game, so you should learn how to take care of it quickly. Getting hit by a Mutalisk rush that you are not expecting can be a devastating blow that will often end the game immediately.

  • The key to countering that rush on time is noticing a Spire in your enemy’s base.
  • As soon as you see a Spire going up you should start massing up Marines and make sure that you have Stimpack researched.
  • When you encounter the Mutalisks use Stim and burn them down.
  • If it is later in the game and there are a lot of Mutalisks you can use Vikings to counter them.
  • This strategy also works against any Void rays you have to deal with.
  • Do not make the mistake of going straight to Marauders like many Terran players.
  • Always have at least a few Marines as early anti-air protection.

Terran Counter Zergling Rush

As a Terran player you are not nearly as vulnerable to a Zergling rush as a Protoss player (provided you walled of your base), but it is still important to have a response ready for any Zerglings that get through your wall.

  • If you have the right units at hand, taking out that swarm of Zerglings will be effortless.
  • Start making Marines the moment you see Zerglings approaching your base.
  • In most cases, a pack of Marines will be able to handle Zerglings without a problem.
  • If you have the tech for some Hellions, you will be even more prepared for a Zergling rush.
  • A couple Hellions can take out an army of Zerglings in seconds.

Terran Counter Zerg Roaches

When a Zerg player sends Roaches your way it can be a nerve wracking experience. Your Marines will have a hard time dealing with the thick skinned beasts that take forever to kill.

  • Your best bet when Roaches approach is to build up your force of Marauders.
  • Marauders are a natural counter to Roaches making them highly effective without too many supporting forces.
  • Make sure to keep moving your Marauders away from the Roaches.
  • Marauders are faster, hit harder, and have a longer range than Roaches.
  • Micro your Marauders right and the Roaches will not stand a chance.
  • Add in some Siege Tanks and Medivacs later in to the game to dealing with larger Roach forces.

Learning how to counter all of the most popular builds is going to help you take your game to the next level. The trick is scouting out your enemy properly so that you have time to counter whatever build he decides to go with.

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