Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Farming Easy Tips

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Farming Easy Tips

How To Farm For Gold | Diablo 3 Demon Hunter

Playing as a Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 means you have a very efficient farmer – you just need to play your character correctly. Find out how to farm to get the most loot.

Demon Hunter Farming Needs

  • Constant enemies to fight – plan your farming area to encourage enemies
  • Be able to take quickly out massive groups of enemies
  • Slow down your enemies and hit them with AOE attacks
  • Keep your enemies out of range.

Demon Hunters also have a small edge over most of the other classes when it comes to farming with their Ferret Pet. By getting the Ferret Companion skill rune for Companion you won’t have to worry about picking up gold, and you will have more of it coming in constantly.

The Demon Hunter Farming Strategy Using Ferret

Summon your ferret companions and lay down six spike traps in a location your enemies will cross over. At the beginning of the fight begin pulling in your enemies with Entangling Shot. The upgraded skill rune will grab four enemies for every shot that you take so make sure to spread your shots around. Herd all of the enemies into a single location. As soon as they are all together and they run into the spike traps use Rain of Vengeance on them. Finish any remaining groups with Chakram and single targets with Entangling Shot.

Quick Look Demon Hunter Skill Rotation

  • Companion
  • Spike Traps – 6x in front of you
  • Entangling Shot – Hit all surrounding enemies in groups of four.
  • Rain of Vengeance – As soon as spike traps go off
  • Chakram or Entangling Shot – Former with groups, latter with single enemies.

The Demon Hunter Farming Passives 

Cull the Weak will dramatically boost your Spike Trap damage if you get them to hit the traps after you snare them. While farming most of the lower difficulties you will find a high number of health globes. By adding Vengeance as a passive you should be able to jump from group to group almost constantly. Steady Aim will give you a nice damage boost all the time since you should always be far away from the enemies.

The Demon Hunter Gem Selection

Equipping the proper gems to your Demon Hunter will give you an advantage while farming for items and gold. You should have Topaz gems socketed into your helmet for the nice magical item find boost.

Your weapon should be full of Ruby gems to help you kill enemies more quickly. The faster you can drop your enemies the more rare items and gold you are bound to find.

It’s important to upgrade these gems as often as you possibly can to keep your farming ability at its highest level. Unlike the first two Diablo’s, in Diablo 3 you can remove your gems and socket them again after you have upgraded them, which means that you should keep the same gems throughout the game and build them up just as you do your character.

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