Dungeon Progression in TERA Online

Dungeon Progression in TERA Online

Playing Tera Online

Like any new MMO, there is a rush of players eager to reach level 60 and unlock all of the content in TERA Online. But, for first time players and MMO veterans alike, don’t get too carried away and miss out on the interesting dungeons located throughout the game. The first dungeons are available at level 20 and there are 15 available between then and level 60. Six of them offering hard modes when you reach level 60 and have equipped your character with a full range of gear.

Available Dungeons in TERA Online

There are multiple types of dungeons in TERA online – those that involve multiple cut scenes and that are designed to extend the story of the game, instanced fights separate from the persistent game world and open dungeons that are available to multiple groups at once, sometimes called public dungeons. The dungeons of TERA Online include:

  • Bastion of Lok – Level 20
  • Sinestral Manor – Level 26
  • Cultists’ Refuge – Level 35
  • Necromancer Tomb – Level 41
  • Sigil Adstringo – Level 45
  • Golden Labyrinth – Level 48
  • Akasha’s Hideout – Level 48 – Hard Mode
  • Ascent of Saravash – Level 52
  • Saleron’s Sky Garden – Level 53
  • Suryati’s Peak – Level 56
  • Ebon Tower – Level 58 – Hard Mode
  • Kelsaik’s Nest – Level 58 – Hard Mode
  • Labyrinth of Terror – Level 58 – Hard Mode
  • Balder’s Temple – Level 60 – Hard Mode
  • Fane of Kaprima – Level 60 – Hard Mode

Not every dungeon is the same, which is part of what makes the game so much fun – you never quite know what you are going to get. Almost all dungeons require you to have at least a full party of equally leveled characters, however, so it is recommended you join up with a group before you reach level 20, though the game does a good job of facilitating meetups of characters at the appropriate levels.

End Game Content

The big question that every player has when a new MMO lands on their lap is what they’ll do when they reach the level cap. Are there enough instances, quests and achievements to keep you busy until the next patch or expansion?

In TERA Online, there are quite a few options for end game play. First, you can hunt down bigger, harder mobs to fill out your achievement log. You can also take on 6 hard mode dungeons, requiring more skill and better gear than their normal mode counterparts.

Guild vs. Guild combat is a major feature of the game as well and the highest tier of it is only unlocked at level 60. And of course, there is the Nexus which offers automatically (randomly) generated quests to keep you busy at level 60 for a long time. This is one of the more attractive looking end-game friendly MMOs released in many years.


If you are looking for more help in the TERA online game you might like a complete strategy guide. There are a couple of good ones written by gamers who have reached level 60.

We have looked at a couple of the current best available and found the Veliks Guide to Tera Onine to be packed with information.