Starcraft 2 Protoss Counters Against Zerg and Terran Builds

Starcraft 2 Protoss Counters Against Zerg and Terran Builds

Starcraft 2 multiplayers here are the common Protoss counters against Zerg and Terran Builds. If you are a Protoss then here is how to counter Mutalisks, Marines or Marauders, a Zergling rush, and a Reaper Rush.

When playing any match of Starcraft 2 it is very important that you know how to respond in certain situations. As soon as you know your opponent is mass producing Roaches you should immediately know which unit to start producing to counter that army. Knowing the counters to the popular builds will help keep you from drawing a blank when an enemy army is approaching.

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Counter a Marine or Marauder Ball

A combination of Marines and Marauders is by far the most popular build that Terran players use. This build can be pulled off quickly and is difficult for a Protoss player to counter. By the time the cluster of Marines and Marauders has arrived you need to have at least one Sentry, a few Zealots, Stalkers, and a couple Immortals.

If you can manage to get all of these components before any big armies arrive you will be fine.

  • Use the Zealots to hold back the Marines while your Stalkers take them out.
  • Make sure to protect your forces with your Sentry’s Guardian Shield.
  • If you have a few Immortals all of his Marauders will fall quickly.
  • Just make sure to keep the Immortals near the back of your group.

Counter Mutalisks

Mutalisks can be a very annoying threat to counter as a Protoss player. The best counter to Mutalisks is the High Templar. A well placed Psionic Storm will severely hurt a group of Mutalisks. Phoenixes are also very effective against air units, but must be microed properly. Void Rays can also be effective, though not necessarily against a large swarm of Mutalisks.

  • Add in a Sentry for their Guardian Shield ability and you have a decent Mutalisk counter.
  • Make sure to fight any Mutalisk army near your base.
  • Mutalisks are very fast and they will be able to leave your army behind if you’re not at your base.

Starcraft 2 Strategy Game Guide

Counter a Zergling Rush

The best counter you have to an early Zergling rush is getting Zealots out as fast as possible. You have to get Zealots to your ramp to wall off your base before the Zerglings can get in, otherwise you will have a hard time catching them.

  • A single Zealot can handle a large number of Zerglings with ease so get those Zealots out and block in your base.
  • It is also helpful to put up Pylons or a Gateway in front of the ramp to keep Zerglings from getting in.
  • A basic wall and a steady stream of Zealots can hold off quite a few attacks if well placed.

Counter a Reaper Rush

A Reaper rush can be devastating early in the game. The easiest way to stop a Reaper rush is through early detection. Scout often so you know when he is sending out Reapers. To counter the rush you should create a few Stalkers.

  • Stalkers are very good against Reapers and will make quick work of them.
  • Make sure you are producing Stalkers before his Reapers get too close to your base and this counter should hold your line effectively.

Know your enemy and you will be well prepared for whatever they might throw your way.
Starcraft 2 is a game of strategy and counters – no matter how much fun you have throwing big guns at your opponent, you must be able to fall back and hold off their units with specific counters.
Protoss have many – study them well and you’ll be prepared for nearly anything.

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