Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Leveling and Build Tips

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Build Tips

How to level and play as a Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter class is perfect for players who are shrewd, calculated and like to plan their next move. Unlike the Barbarian character the Demon Hunter player picks his moves and fights strategically using a series of ranged attacks and traps.

Demon Hunter is a great class for players that like to think and plot their next kill. Hunting and picking their enemies one at a time, killing them one by one. A Demon Hunter does not fare well in unprepared fights.

The Demon Hunter class need to learn and master the following builds.

Builds To Help You Level Faster As A Demon Hunter In Diablo 3

Precision Shooter Build


With the precision shooter build your focus is on staying mobile while knocking out one powerful enemy at a time. While you will have the ability to wipe out groups of weaker enemies, your main task will be to jump from one enemy to the next until you don’t have any left. This build excels at beating single powerful enemies and struggles with handling very large groups.


You will start the fight by marking the most powerful target with Marked for Death. Then you will continually hit it with Hungering Arrow until your Hatred is full, in which case you will begin using Rapid Fire until your enemy is dead. Launch Cluster Arrow into the groups of weaker enemies to wipe most of them out before they have a chance to reach you.


There are going to be moments when your enemies gain ground on you and you will have to do something. If you notice that a large group of enemies is starting to gain on you, lay down a Caltrops to slow them down. For smaller groups or even single enemies, use Evasive Fire to get back out of reach while you finish them off.


You should have Vengeance, Sharpshooter and Thrill of the Hunt. Vengeance will reduce the downtime between groups of enemies. Sharpshooter will allow you to kill your single target enemies faster with more critical hits, and Thrill of the Hunt will help you keep the most powerful opponents locked down while you take care of the weaker ones.

Group Blaster Build

Instead of juggling between different opponents, the Group Blaster build simply burns down large groups at the same time. This build kills groups of evenly matched opponents efficiently while keeping you out of danger.


Start off by laying both a Spike Trap and a Caltrops down next to each other. Now, fire Entangling Shots into the group of enemies to draw them all in toward the traps. Make sure that the traps are close enough to you that the enemies will be within range of Rain of Vengeance. As the enemies are approaching, you should be hitting them with Chakrams whenever you can to deal the maximum damage. As soon as the traps go off use Rain of Vengeance and Vault away to restart your attack.


For passives it is important to have Cull the Weak, Custom Engineering, and Steady Aim. Cull the Weak works great with this build because your enemies will almost always be slowed. Since you are using both Spike Traps and Caltrops with this build Custom Engineering gives it a powerful boost with the doubled duration giving you more time for Rain of Vengeance to finish. Steady Aim will greatly increase the damage you cause.

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