TERA Online Guild Leveling System

TERA Online Guild Leveling System

More than most MMOs when first launched, TERA Online introduces a robust and entertaining guild leveling system that will help you build your character from the ground up within a guild setting. The guild leveling and end-game guild vs. guild combat systems promise to keep many players entertained for hours on end, but to get the most out of them you should know what is expected of you in advance.

What is the Guild Leveling System?

The guild leveling system is a quest-based system that allows you to level up your guild and acquire a number of exciting bonuses. The system is fairly simple to implement but requires a lot of dedication from your guild to truly master.

First, you need to go to the quest board located in your city. From that board you can accept guild quests that will award you with tokens. Once you complete the quests, turn them in to the guild NPC standing beside the board to receive tokens which can be used to level up your guild. The amount needed to level up increases with each level, so you need 20 for level 2, 50 for level 3 and so on.

At first, you only unlock some basic features like the guild vendor in your town and some hidden gear. However, as you level up higher, you can access other guild-only features like the political system and guild housing, which will be limited for each city.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your level can decrease if your group is inactive. So, once you reach a certain level, you have two weeks to either extend your level by paying the same number of tokens again or upgrade your level by purchasing it with tokens. So, for example, if you reach level 2 and only acquire 27 tokens in two weeks, you can pay another 20 tokens to remain at level 2 or you will drop to level 1 and have to level up again later. This will help you when joining a guild because it will show how active that particular guild is – the higher the level, the more they play.

Guild Leveling Near End Game

The guild system won’t be required to enjoy the end-game content but it will certainly enhance your experience. Not only will you able to participate in features like guild vs. guild combat and the political system but high level tokens you buy through the guild vendors will unlock extremely rare gear sets only available to guilds.

The bottom line is that TERA online rewards players for being part of a guild and ensures you have plenty to do when you reach the end of the game, something not all MMOs do very well.