Choosing a Character Class for Tera Online

Choosing a Character Class for Tera Online

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TERA online is designed to cast off some of the stale old tropes of fantasy MMOs and provide a fun, engaging way to play in a world filled with action, not action bars. So, more than many other games in the genre of late, it is hard to select any one character to fit the role you want to play.

For newcomers to TERA online, there are eight character classes to choose from, including:

  • Archer – Sustained DPS | Ranged Fighter
  • Berserker – Burst DPS | Melee Fighter
  • Mystic – Secondary Healer | Ranged Fighter
  • Lancer – Tank | Melee Fighter
  • Priest – Main Healer | Ranged Fighter
  • Slayer – Burst DPS | Melee Fighter
  • Sorcerer – Burst DPS | Ranged Fighter
  • Warrior – Tank/DPS | Melee Fighter

Most of those will look and feel familiar for long time MMO players, but there are some clever tweaks to how the system works, so it’s important that you choose according to your play style and not necessarily the appearance or lore of a class.

Types of Characters

Like most MMOs, TERA is built with group play in mind, so almost all the classes are designed to work well in a group without alienating those who enjoy solo leveling. They are broken into three general categories – damage dealers, tanks, and support roles (healing and buff/debuff).

Most classes are capable of doing a great deal of damage, though the dedicated DPS classes will be those that stand at range and deal heavy damage or batter away in close, like the Archer and Berserker. For those that enjoy playing a support role, the Priest is always a popular choice and like in many modern MMOs, you won’t be stuck on the back lines casting heal after heal (though you certainly can if you so choose).

Choosing Your Class

The first choice you should make is how you want to play the game. If you like to be on the front lines dealing damage, you should choose a melee damage dealer like the Berserker or Warrior. If you prefer to take heavy hits and keep the rest of your party alive, the Lancer is a perfect first character, and if you want to be a little bit of everything, you can’t go wrong with a pet class like the Mystic or the raw casting power of the Sorcerer. There are many options to choose from and because most classes are very flexible, you’ll rarely get stuck in just one role.