Diablo 3 Monk Builds You Need To Power Level

Diablo 3 Monk Class Builds You Need To Power Level

The Monk in Diablo 3 is unique class using its spiritual power to cast devastating levels of damage. The Monk is in the melee class giving high speed and plenty of mobility. They can strike fast with their mantras but beware they can not take damage and are more fragile than the crazy Barbarians. That means that they have to be played more strategically and you will only enjoy them if you don’t mind thinking about your next move for a minute between unleashing deadly combos.

The Monk class in Diablo 3 need to learn and master the following builds.

The Brawler Build

The Brawler picks a spot, digs in his feet and gets to work. He won’t be maneuvering around the battle field but dealing huge amounts of damage to large groups of enemies in a single location. With this build defensive abilities are a must and you will have to sacrifice a little damage for survival.

Attacking a Weak Group

Start off the fight with Crippling Wave and continue using it until you can afford Lashing Tail Kick. Switch between the two moves until your enemies are dead.

Attacking a Strong Group

Use Lashing Tail Kick until your Spirit is completely full. Now hit the enemies with Cyclone Strike to draw them all into you and finish them off with a Sweeping Wind. Continue the rotation until they are all dead. If you are at risk of dying at any point in the fight, use Breath of Heaven to heal yourself.


You should have Seize the Initiative, One with Everything and Exalted Soul for your passives. On top of that you should be using Mantra of Retribution the entire time. Seize the Initiative will help you from getting killed quickly since you will be keeping the enemies right on top of you. One with Everything will help avoid any close range elemental damage which can add up very quickly when you get a large number of enemies together, and Exalted Soul will give you enough Spirit to use Cyclone Strike and Sweeping Wind back to back. Since you are fighting your enemies close range Mantra of Retribution will be very effective at dealing damage.

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The Darter Build

The Darter will jump from one location to another around the battlefield dealing high amounts of damage. Since he is constantly in motion he isn’t attacked often and defensive abilities take a back seat to offensive skills.


Sit back and throw out Crippling Waves until you begin getting surrounded by enemies. Now use Seven Sided Strike and Lashing Tail Kick and then use Tempest Rush to get to a new area. Repeat the process until everyone is dead.


It is important to get away from large groups of enemies if you start to get surrounded. If you have to, use Blinding Flash to give yourself a second to escape. Use Tempest Rush often to keep yourself in a favorable section of the battlefield.


Throughout the fight you should keep Mantra of Conviction going to increase your damage output. Fleet footed is the most important passive that you will have. It will help you keep away from clusters of enemies until you want to be near them. Exalted Soul will allow you to save up for bursts of damage when you finally get surrounded and One with Everything will help keep you from being taken out by ranged attacks.

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