CityVille Facebook Players Are Running Out Of Space CityVille Layouts

CityVille Facebook Players Are Running Out Of Space CityVille Layouts

When you first start setting up your CityVille Facebook game, you’ll have a few roads in place and lots of open space to work with. But you’ll soon find that as you accumulate houses, businesses and community buildings, that space is at a premium. Anything you can do to conserve it is probably worth it because you need to be able to build as much as possible.

CityVille Facebook Game Layouts

Wide Roads In CityVille

Of course, every city needs to have roads for cars, trucks and tour busses. Plus, businesses need to be located along roads to make money. After all, if they’re not touching a road, businesses can’t make money because their potential customers will never find them.

However, each piece of CityVille road that you lay down takes up a 3 by 3 plot of land.

So if you expand on the roads you already have, you’ll actually be taking away a lot of space that you could otherwise use for building. This might seem to leave you in a bit of a catch-22 situation because you need the roads for your city to grow but you also can’t build as much when there are so many roads.

CityVille Pedestrian Sidewalks

So what can you do when you need to save space but want to put up more buildings too?

  • Well, for one thing, you can start building up a pedestrian area by using sidewalks instead of roads.
  • Sidewalks can create a system that connects many buildings but takes up much less space than the roads would.
  • Keep in mind, though, that sidewalks can’t help businesses make money. They still have to be connected to the actual road in some way.

Community buildings can be located along and connected by sidewalks and they’ll still bring you all of the bonuses that they would were they sitting on an actual roadway.

Sidewalks do still need to be touching an actual road at some point, so you’ll either need to make sure they start and end at an existing road or simply insert a section of road into the middle of the sidewalk if you’re out of range of the actual roads.

Community buildings like the post office and city hall are what allow you to raise your population cap, you’ll be able to grow your city much faster the more of these you have.

CityVille Franchise Headquarters

In addition to community buildings, there’s another type of building that doesn’t need to be in direct contact with a road to function.

  • That’s the franchise headquarters for whatever business chain you’ve established and expanded into your neighbors’ cities.
  • Since the headquarters building is quite large and doesn’t need to touch the road to perform its function, it’s common to leave it tucked off in the corner somewhere.
  • However, if you can get the franchise headquarters in range of any other businesses, it will provide a 2% income boost to them.
  • It’s actually possible to get the headquarters building within range of up to 5 other small businesses by placing it behind a strip of them and off of the street.
  • This is a great way to boost your income without using up precious road space.

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