StarCraft 2 Three Common Protoss Harass Strategies

StarCraft 2 Three Common Protoss Harass Strategies

In the Starcraft 2 game the Protoss race has more units available to them than any other race. This means that you learn more about how to use your different units with Protoss than with any other race. Understanding what all of the different units are good for is the best way to learn to use them effectively. While it would take quite a few articles to outline all the possible Protoss strategies, these common methods will help you get started when you jump into Starcraft 2 mutliplayer.

Zealot Rush

A Zealot rush is a good strategy against Zerg opponents. If you can get a few Zealots out before your Zerg enemy makes any Roaches or Hydralisks you have a chance to finish him off. Your first handful of Zealots should head to his mineral line, all the while looking for Zerglings that need to be taken out. Try to avoid his Queen until you have at least 3 or 4 Zealots available.

  • Look out for any Spine Crawlers that he might be putting down, and watch out for a Baneling Nest as well.
  • If you micro your Zealots properly you should at least be able to hurt his economy pretty significantly.
  • Zealot rushes do not work well against Terran players because their Marines are effective at taking on Zealots, especially if the Marines have greater numbers and the player is good at micro control.

Dark Templar Rush

Dark Templars are the most useful in the very beginning of the game. To be successful, however, you must tech up to Dark Templars as soon as possible – loading up on gas and getting your Shrine in place fast, before they can scout it out. It is going to be hard to make them before Zerg gets a Lair and Terran has an Orbital Command Center, but it is possible. After you have your team of Dark Templars assembled, you should send them to your enemy’s base right away.

  • Head straight for the mineral line and take out the workers first.
  • If you are lucky you will be able to kill them and back off before you enemy knows what is going on.
  • From there you should move in on any important buildings like Supply Depots.
  • The longer you can go without being detected the better your army will do.
  • If your Dark Templars are detected you should have them run away from the area right away.
  • You can use them to harass your opponent again a little later.

Warp Prism Colossus Harass

This harassment strategy works very well for hurting your enemy’s economy with very little risk. You have to tech up to be able to get both Warp Prisms and Colossi. Get a Warp Prism and a Colossus and use the Warp Prism to take the Colossus around the back of your enemy’s base.

  • After you are in position drop the Colossus down and target the workers.
  • Leave it down there until enemies start to come.
  • Before the Colossus starts taking damage, warp it back up.
  • Continue doing this to avoid taking heavy damage while still dealing plenty of obnoxious attacks to their workers.

StarCraft 2 Strategy Game Guides

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