Why Leveling to Level 60 is Crucial in TERA

Why Leveling to Level 60 is Crucial in TERA

The new combination MMORPG and action game, TERA, has exploded onto the video game scene with the force of an onrushing Castanic warrior, bringing a mix of new and familiar elements to your screen.

With a visual style that hovers at the fringe of the familiar Japanese anime look, a range of races (including the comical, rodent-like Popori), and torrents of steel-flashing, blood-spurting Mature-rated action, TERA offers 60 levels of adventure – a leveling process that can be mastered with high quality power leveling guides such as the Argon Guide.

The reasons for getting to level 60 as fast as possible in TERA is similar to that in other MMORPG games, with an additional reason as well.

When your character reaches maximum level in Tera, you know that they are at the peak of their power – far stronger than relatively flimsy lower level characters. 

  • Playing them is more interesting, due to the wider range of options than can be found at lesser levels.
  • The rarest gear
  • The deadliest weapons
  • The toughest armor can be wielded or worn by them.

The most dramatic battles and white-knuckle action are always found at the maximum level of an MMORPG like TERA, too.

There is no material that is inaccessible – whatever you want your character to do, whether it’s questing, running instances or raids, PvP, or just exploration, they can do it.

In short, Level 60 in TERA offers your character freedom, power, excitement, treasure, and the game’s most wondrous locations and dreadful foes: all the prizes we play MMORPGs for in the first place!

There is one additional reason to reach maximum level in TERA as soon as possible, too – the game is brand new, and you’ll be able to see everything with fresh eyes and experience the evolution of the game across  time.

You’ll never forget being one of the first Level 60s in a brand new game.

All MMORPGs contain “chains” of quests that can be followed to provide swifter leveling than random questing action can.

The Argon Guide provides a clear blueprint to follow that will guide you along this lightning-fast road to the exalted circle of Level 60 characters with 100% legal methods that make use of the game’s natural design flow to empower your leveling to amazing speeds, and win those coveted endgame perquisites for you in a matter of days

Find out how to power level to level 60 in Tera now.