Diablo 3 Barbarian Farming Guide Tips

Diablo 3 Barbarian Farming Guide Tips

This Farming guide for the Diablo 3 Barbarian class uses his farming abilities to treasure find and make gathering rare items and gold effortless.

The Barbarian is a powerful melee class in the Diablo 3 game and because of this he is a popular choice for players. The Barbarian has the ability to cause massive and devastating damage by leaping into combat, stomping, causing earthquakes and cleaving.

Not only does he have the ability to deliver devastating damage to a group of enemies, but he also has treasure find boosting abilities that make him one of the best candidates for farming.

A combination of effect damaging power grouped with those farming abilities will make gathering up rare items and gold effortless.

The following build takes advantage of all of the farming friendly features of the Barbarian.

Mobile Farming

A barbarian farmer has to be able to move around the map quickly without getting stopped by groups of enemies that aren’t worthwhile. On top of that he has to be able to cut down a large group of enemies as fast as possible. In order for a Barbarian farming build to be efficient he needs a set of movement enhancing abilities as well as some serious group damage dealers, and that is exactly what this build has.

Farming abilities

It’s vital that your Barbarian has and uses both Hammer of the Ancients and Threatening Shout often.  With Hammer of the Ancients and the Birthright skill rune your enemies drop additional treasure every time you make a critical hit on them. This means that Hammer of the Ancients should be used to kill enemies whenever possible.

On top of the 10 percent from Hammer of the Ancients you will get an additional 15 percent from Threatening Shout, so that should be activated before killing any group of enemies.

Combat Process Explained

With this farming build you will start off combat by leaping into the middle of a group of enemies. From there you will deliver a series of cleaves to build up your Fury and weaken them. Finally throw out a Threatening Shout and finish off all the enemies using Hammer of the Ancients.

Over the course of the fight Revenge will go off several times and its rune effect will spike your crit chance improving your chances of finding treasure even further. When combat is finished use Sprint to get to your next group of enemies before your Fury diminishes too much.

Quick Look Skill Rotation

  1. Leap – Position yourself in the group.
  2. Cleave – Continue to build up Fury
  3. Threatening Shout
  4. Hammer of the Ancients – Use until out of Fury or enemies are dead.
  5. Go back to step 2 if you run out of Fury and enemies aren’t dead. 


Passive Skills

Ruthless makes an excellent passive skill for this build because the higher chance you have to crit, the better chance you have of finding treasure. On top of Ruthless you should also have Inspiring presence to boost the treasure enhancing effect of Threatening Shout. The last skill to really pull off this build is Brawler. Brawler will make it easier to wipe down hordes of enemies much faster.

The Best Farming Gems

As a Barbarian your ability to farm both rare items and gold are directly related to your ability to kill enemies quickly. The faster you kill them the better chance you have of finding something good. At the same time, because of Hammer of the Ancients you see increased treasure drops with a higher crit rate. This means that you should socket your weapon with emeralds to boost your kill rate and treasure drop rate.

Your helmet should be socketed with topaz gems because it increases the chance that you will find magical items. Topaz is more appropriate than emerald because most of the time magical items are worth much more gold than you can expect to accumulate from a slight increase in the amount of gold you get from each enemy.

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