Diablo 3 Wizard Builds To Master

Diablo 3 Wizard Builds To Master

The Wizard in Diablo 3 can effectively destroy massive groups of enemies using their high powered skills. Playing the Wizard character is a perfect class for those that like to herd all their demons together and then let loose with the killing.

The two builds that work for the Wizard focus on herding and then eliminating massive groups of enemies. Expect very high levels of sustained damage that will move you to the level cap at rapid speed. These skill builds are will take a lot of practice so survival may be an issue, but master these skills and there will be no stopping you.

Snare Build

With the Snare Build you’ll deal high amounts of damage that will keep your enemies in a constant snare. In this build it’s important to be very mobile because the enemies are never locked in place. You will kill off strong single enemies with Ray of Frost while bursting down the rest with Arcane Missiles.

The Strategy

Start off the fight by hurling a series of Magic Missiles at approaching enemies. Mix in Ray of Frost to slow your enemies down. It’s important to have Cold Blood selected for your Ray of Frost to allow you to build up your Arcane Power for Arcane Explosion.

When your enemies start to get close to you use Diamond Skin along with Arcane Explosion while running back. With Prism selected on Diamond Skin you can spam many more Arcane Explosions before running out of power.

You should be using Energy Armor the entire fight and if you run out of room to get away use Teleport.


Cold Blooded is the most important passive because you will be relying on Ray of Frost heavily to burn down your enemies and keep them snared. Temporal Flux will turn Arcane Explosion into an AOE snare making it much easier to kite your enemies. Since you shouldn’t be getting hit it only makes sense to add on Glass Cannon to boost up your damage output.

AOE Build

The AOE Build focuses on locking your enemies in place and dropping huge fiery AOE damage down on them. It is a highly controllable build with enough skills to keep you out of danger all the time.

The Strategy

Start the fight by hurling Fire Bolts at enemies with Shock Pulse. Run around to herd the groups of enemies together. Use Wave of Force to push back any stragglers until you have a large group formed.

Hit the group with Frost Nova to lock them in place and then unleash Meteor on top of them. Finish off any remaining enemies using a combination of Wave of Force and Shock Pulse depending on how many are left.


The most important passive of this build is Conflagration because both of your main attacks deal fire damage. Glass Cannon is a nice damage booster that doesn’t come with much risk since you have Wave of Force and Frost Nova to keep you out of danger, and Astral Presence will help keep you with enough power to jump from one group to the next relatively quickly.
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