How Crafting Works in TERA Online

How Crafting Works in TERA Online

There are three things every good MMO needs – an engaging combat system, plenty of content during and after the main leveling sequence, and a killer crafting system. Fail on any one of the three and your new players will inevitably jump ship after a few weeks.

TERA Online definitely delivers in terms of combat and content, but what about crafting? Does it live up to the promise of the game or is just another stale imitation of the same crafting system we’ve been using in MMOs for 15 years?

How Crafting Works

TERA is one of those games with no limitations on what you can craft but your own time. So, you can immediately opt to start upgrading all six of the crafting professions right away or you can just choose one that benefits your character most. The six professions include:

  • Weaponsmithing – Make lances, shields, swords, greatswords, and axes. You will use ingots of metal that have been refined to craft your gear.
  • Focus Crafting – Ranged weapons like bows and discs as well as staffs and scepters made with infused crystals
  • Armorsmithing – Greaves, heavy armor, gauntlets and other materials needed by melee tanks and fighters.
  • Leatherworking – Anything made of leather including gloves, armor, boots and other hide based goods. Materials drop from all killed enemies (no gathering required).
  • Tailoring – Robes, shoes, and sleeves made of cloth that can only be gathered from plants.
  • Alchemy – Make consumables like potions, dyes, and scrolls. You’ll need ingots, fibers and refined materials to make these things.

So, to craft you must gather multiple materials needed to build the items on your crafting list. That said, you can buy gathered materials or borrow them from other characters to craft your gear. Another cool thing is that you can craft anywhere with a campfire, so don’t worry about going back to town or keeping an alt on your account at all times. There are also a number of quests to level up your crafting if you are a high enough level to qualify for them.

Choosing What to Craft

Crafting should be pegged to your character’s needs and the greater needs of the server so you can make gold. At higher levels, runes are a must as they will increase the level of the gear you purchase and make it more valuable to other characters. The best runes only drop from BAMs so you’ll need to either purchase them (which is pricey this early in the game’s life) or start hunting.

Whatever you decide to do, know that crafting is both fun and profitable in TERA Online. Use it properly and it can become an important part of how you play the game.