Tackling Your First Instance in TERA Online

Tackling Your First Instance in TERA Online

Every MMO is different to some degree so there is always a slight learning curve when stepping into a party for the first time. With TERA Online that learning curve might be slightly more pronounced since the game uses a unique combat system and expectations will be different from your party members. That said, however, there are quite a few ways to jump right into your first instance when you hit Level 20.

Tera Online The Instance Matching Menu

Thank goodness this is a standard feature in MMOs these days. Long gone are the days of open chat looking for just one more healer to round out your party. These days, when a new game like TERA Online launches, you can open the instance matching menu, select the instance you want to run and you’ll be matched up with a party that fits your level and gear.

Sometimes you won’t find any dungeons you can play. Don’t fret, though, this just means you need to run a few more solo quests or go back and run an older dungeon.

Because the instance matcher works based on the roles needed, you’ll have a much easier time finding a group as a Mystic or Priest since healers are always in high demand. Still, tanks and DPS willing to work in support roles will do equally well on a robust server.

Playing Your Role 

Every character class has a role in combat, which means you need to be willing to mold and adjust yourself to fit that role as the game unfolds. Tanks attract attention and hold agro, healers stand back and keep everyone alive and damage dealers kill the BAM as quickly as possible. The better you understand your role and the more efficiently you can play that role, the easier it will be to find a good group.

Here are the basic breakdowns of dedicated roles from character classes:

Healers – Mystics and Priests

Tanks – Lancer and Warrior

DPS – Everyone else

Keep in mind that there are two types of damage dealers as well and that you should mix and match your group when possible as DPS will be needed to off tank in particularly hard fights. The ideal group should have a healer, a tank, and 2-3 damage dealers that are a mix of ranged and melee skills.

Prepare for combat well enough in advance and you’ll be ready for nearly anything that can be thrown at you in TERA Online. Yes, it is new, but many of the same concepts you’ve been using for years to dominate other MMOs still hold true.