Starcraft 2 Three Powerful Medivac Strategies with Terran Units

Starcraft 2 Three Powerful Medivac Strategies with Terran Units

Starcraft 2 Terran race players here are three Medivac strategies that you should learn. Using Marines, Ghosts and Medivace, Medivac with Thor Harass, and Hellion and Medivac Harass.

The Terran race has some very versatile units. Your goal as a Terran player should be to build more than just the largest MMM ball; you should aim to create a powerful, micro-heavy army that can take on nearly combination of units your opponents throw your way.

Terran Using Marines, Ghosts and Medivacs

This is a very effective build against any Protoss players and it is by no means the standard.

Terran Marines

Marines will make up the bulk of your army, and for good reason. A pack of Marines is good against both land and air. They are cheap, and with the help of Stimpack they can do some really impressive damage.

  • Always get Combat Shield and Stimpack before leaving to assault your opponent.

Terran Ghosts Units

On the flip side, you only need a few of the expensive Ghost units to have an effective army. Their role is very simple; they use EMP on any enemies that come in range to drop their shields. Your Ghosts should also be used to EMP any energy intensive units such as High Templars. For the most part, Ghosts are the most effective against Protoss.

  • Against Zerg, you may find greater success with Hellions and Marauders for Zerglings and Roaches.

Terran Medivacs

The Medivacs should stay with your group and auto-heal any injured units. As you approach an army, have your Marines use Stimpack and have your Ghosts EMP. Now focus fire each unit starting with the strongest ones.

  • If you need to get away quickly, use your Medivacs to air lift the Ghosts and any Marines or expensive units on hand.

Terran Using Medivac with Thor Harass

By combining Medivacs with Thors you get a very effective hit and run combo. The Thor’s ability to deal massive damage in a short amount of time makes hitting key places (such as Workers, Overlords, and Pylons) and then running a possibility.

Load your Thor onto the Medivac, fly him to a hot spot in their base and then attack. When they prepare a response, lift him back up and carry him to another section, and do it all over again.

If any units appear during your attacks, fly the Thor up to a cliff side and they will be powerless. Keep moving the Thor around and hitting important spots on your enemy’s base.

  • As soon as he is in any real danger fly him back to your base and wait until your opponent is no longer ready for the Thor to strike.

Terran Using Hellion and Medivac Harass

This is the most cost effective way to hurt your enemy’s workers.

  • Create a few Hellions as well as a few Medivacs.
  • Carry your Hellions to the back of the enemy’s base and drop them off.
  • They should be able to burn through the workers in a matter of seconds.
  • When the workers are dead fly your Hellions to a safe spot and wait to hit again.

The key to this tactic working is maintaining the element of surprise. If you can avoid detection until your Hellions have landed you will be able to wipe out his economy in mere moments.

  • Two or three Hellions and Medivacs should be all that you need for this tactic which makes it very easy to do early on in the game.

These tactics all use the abilities of the Terran units in a very effective way. Learning to utilize all the abilities of your different units is the best way to achieve victory in your Starcraft 2 matches. Practice these techniques until they are easy to execute, and they will serve you well.

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