Diablo 3 Wizard Farming Guide Best Build

Diablo 3 Wizard Farming Guide Best Build

Diablo 3 Wizard class easy farming build tips. Learn how combining those bursts and maintaining steady damage is the key to turning your Wizard into a farming beast.

Diablo 3 pdf game guideWe all know that the Wizard class in Diablo 3 can lash out major damage so they make great farmers. Using this farming build will make sure you are managing the high bursts of damage needed yet still maintaining a steady amount of damage to get through group after group.

Focusing on the following two

  • Combine bursts when needed
  • Steady damage

Your Diablo 3 Wizard in most instances should be non stop farming.

Wizard Farming Strategy 8 Easy Steps

  1. Turn on your Energy Armor.
  2. Start the battle by sending out fire bolts using Shock Pulse.
  3. Try to get all your enemies to surround you before you lay down major damage.
  4. When they are close use Wave of Force to blast them back.
  5. Continue to hit them with fire bolts until they get close again
  6. Now lock them down with Frost Nova and hit them with Meteor.
  7. Teleport out of range of them and restart the process all over again.
  8. Continue doing the same thing until everyone is dead.

This low cost skill rotation should leave you with more than enough Arcane Power to keep dealing with group after group. With the Astral Presence passive along with the reduced cost of Meteor energy shouldn’t be an issue. On top of having staying power you should have enough excess Arcane Power to burst enemies down if you ever need to.

Wizard Quick Look Skill Rotation

Energy Armor

Shock Pulse – Blast surrounding enemies until they get close.

Wave of Force – Knock back enemies that get too close.

Frost Nova 


Teleport – out of range and start over.

Wizard Farming Passive Abilities

With all of the active abilities in place you are already powerful enough to farm effectively, but these passive abilities will help boost your power even further.

    • Glass Cannon is an obvious choice because you shouldn’t be taking melee damage at all with this build.
    • Astral Presence will help make sure that your Arcane Power stays full for when you need it most.

With a high amount of power you can let out bursts of spells in bad situations. Conflagration will give a nice damage boost to both of your main damage dealers with this build as long as you have the Fire Bolts skill rune on Shock Pulse.

Wizard Farming Gem Selection

Proper gem selection to go with this build will help give you an extra farming boost.

  • Topaz is the number one gem that you should be concerned with. Get to the highest level topaz that you possibly can and keep it socketed in your helmet while farming.
  • The plus magic find will make it easier to come across those rare items that are going to make you the most money.

By equipping emeralds in your weapon you will boost your crit chance even further making your build very powerful. When the crit boost from your gems is combined with the boost you get from Frost Nova your Meteor will be critical hitting very often dealing out a massive amount of damage.

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