Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Builds to Smart Leveling

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Builds to Smart Leveling

The Witch Doctors in Diablo III summon creatures to do the work for them and are a relatively weak character. However, they are a fun class to play. As a Witch Doctor you have the option of fighting all your enemies with a cluster of pets or to burn them down with a very nice set of high powered spells. Players of the Witch Doctors class will need to keep a safe  distance from their enemies and luckily they have all the tools to effectively accomplish this.

There are two builds that you should learn to master to really take your Witch Doctor to higher levels – the Pet Build and the Burst Build.

Pet Build

Summon hordes of Zombie Dogs and a Gargantuan to do your fighting for you. Keep all of your enemies at bay while your pets wear them down. This build is perfect for slowly killing off a group of enemies, and if you use it properly you should never be hit.


Summon all of your Zombie Dogs and your Gargantuan. Have your pets attack a group of enemies and use Acid Cloud on the group of enemies as your pets fight them. Make sure to throw Haunt on the most powerful enemies of the group. When enemies start to get through the group, use Wall of Zombies to push them back.

In case of an emergency you can Sacrifice your Zombie Dogs to finish off a group of enemies. Only use Sacrifice on very powerful groups because it will cost a lot to get your dogs back after they are destroyed.


Make sure to get Circle of Life to help replace any Zombie Dogs that die while they are fighting. This will save you a lot of Mana as you are leveling. The extra dog from Zombie Handler will help you kill off your enemies faster and Fierce Loyalty will help strengthen them.

Burst Build

The Witchdoctor is capable of extreme damage bursts with the right configuration. This build gives you enough fire power to burn away a group of enemies in mere moments. Your attacks have to be carefully planned however, because once you run out of Mana you won’t have any way to protect yourself.


Hit the most powerful targets with Haunt until you have groups heading towards you. Hit the groups with Soul Harvest to boost your attack power. Now use Firebats and Firebombs to burn down the groups of enemies until they are close enough to hit you. Lock them in place with Grasp of the Dead and finish them with Firebombs. Kill off any stragglers using Soul Barrage.


Since you won’t have pets at your disposal you will have to constantly worry about running out of Mana. Rush of Essence and Spiritual Attunement will help you avoid running out of Mana in the middle of a fight. It’s also a good idea to get Jungle Fortitude to help you survive if any enemies happen to avoid your Grasp of the Dead or you simply get too close to a group.

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