Tera Power Leveling And A Guide To Save You Money

Money Saving on TERA Power Leveling with the Argon Guide

With the much anticipated release of Tera online players are searching online for power leveling services. Keep reading and you can save your money and not risk being banned from the game. All Tera players want to get to level 60 and start mastering their characters but should they put their online account at risk?

Power leveling in MMORPG games has long been associated with power leveling services – shady, half-legitimate businesses often based overseas where American law can’t reach them easily. These services are often expensive and are quite risky, too – your account information will be exposed to a third party, and in some games this is a banable offense if discovered, too.

High quality self-help power leveling guides like the Argon Guide let you save hundreds of dollars and have fun while power leveling, too.

Thanks to improved game design, grinding is no longer the swiftest route to maximum level, and carrying out a series of well chosen quests will provide afterburner-like acceleration to your character. In TERA, level 60 can be reached in a week without needing to hire a power leveling service or spend endless hours hunched over your computer keyboard.

You can level your own characters up just as fast as the best power leveling service if you have correct information at your fingertips.  What’s more, you can keep much more of your hard-earned money in your pocket and will eliminate all risks to your character to your account. Since nobody but you has access to it, there are no security issues, and with the Argon Guide, your triumphs in TERA will be completely Terms of Service compliant, meaning that you needn’t fear being banned, either.

The Argon Guide shows you how to level at incredible speed, while still enjoying the game and learning how to play your chosen race/class combination into the bargain. Regardless of which class you select, the guide discusses and recommends optimal leveling builds and the correct rotations of spells and powers to use in order to make your character’s advance but swift and irresistible.

Humans are highly visual creatures, and having visual aids to accompany and supplement text descriptions helps you absorb vital TERA speed leveling information faster and retain it better.

With a rich assortment of practical techniques that actually work directly in the game, and a complete lack of superfluous words (“fluff”), the Argon Guide is well worth its price of $47 – many hundreds of dollars less than you might spend on an unreliable speed leveling service. High quality guides like this put your character’s fate into your hands – and give you the powerful tools needed for them to realize their destiny.

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