NightClub City Facebook Game Know Your Customers

NightClub City Facebook Game Know Your Customers

Your customers in the NightClub City game on Facebook come in many different varieties. You have the Jerks, the High Rollers, the Dancers, the Party Animals, etc.

But to keep things simple for the moment, let’s break your Night Club City customers down into two simple categories:

  • Computer generated avatars
  • Real-life friends from your Facebook friend list

That’s right, your Facebook friends will actually come to your nightclub…that is, once they catch up with the times and start playing NightClub City. As soon as they start, they become customers at your bar!

In fact, the workers in your club are the Facebook friends you choose to hire.

The second kind of customers, the computer generated ones, are the ones that get a bit more complicated.

For a more complete explanation of what each of these customers do and how you should treat each one to maximize your club’s revenue, there is a  Nightclub City Game Guide you can get that has all that information and more. It is full of Nightclub City Secrets and tips that will really help take your bar to the next level, to the highest level in fact!

But for the present, let me just tell you what I know: all these computer generated avatars are valuable customers.

Don’t be put-off by the presence in your nightclub of characters you do not know. They’re all part of the game, and they’re all there to increase your club’s power to make money, not to mention helping you get to the next level.

Of course, if you want to know how best to deal with each one in order to use them to help your club advance faster, you can either experiment with them on your own, or get the Night Club City Secrets Guide I mentioned earlier if you’re really serious about setting up an awesome night club.

 NightClub City Secrets is a legal strategy guide created to teach you how to dominate all the levels. You will learn all about your club customers and have on hand all the cheats, tips, and secrets to get you to the top.

Doesn’t this sound like something you need? Visit  NightClub City Secrets and find out.

We reviewed this brand new guide in the game for you.

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