NightClub City Facebook Game Dealing With Jerks

NightClub City Facebook Game Dealing With The Jerks

Are You Getting Jerks Fighting In Your NightClub City Facebook Game?

We all want customers visiting and there are several different types of customers that will walk into your club. But there is one type of customer in particular that you had better be very prepared to deal with. That customer is “the Jerk.” Actually just like in the real world there are also many different Jerks in the NightClub City Facebook game

Your Facebook friends will of course be visiting your club, but it is those computer generated customers that have jerks sneaking among them.

These computer generated customers each have their own avatar, and they go in everyone’s clubs. Make sure you let everyone into your club. After all, they will all be paying the entrance fee and buying drinks. Lets face it, every good business person knows that a customer is a customer. 

Who Are These Jerks In Your Club?

Jerks will often start fights in your club, and that is something you want to avoid in Night Club City. That is because fights can reduce the happiness level of your other customers and Jerks really know how to bring it down fast.  

How to get the Jerks out of your Nightclub City Club

Just like in real clubs, when a jerk starts a fight, kick him or her out! That’s what your Bouncer is for. 

Nightclub City Game Bouncers Not Kicking Out The Jerks?

One of the reasons your bouncer may not be kicking out the jerks is because they can only patrol a limited area. If your bouncer is off patrolling one area and a jerks kicks off a fight in another area your bouncer will not be able to stop him or her.

If you know how to position your Bouncer in a strategically smart spot, you’ll break up fights as soon as they start to happen, and that makes everyone happier. 

For a more in-depth discussion of how to strategically position your bouncers, among a wealth of other tips and secrets, you migth want to get a copy of the  NightClub City Secrets Guide 

I do know that a lot of people are posting their bouncers near the door. This might not be using your bouncer to the best advantage. If you have a tight entrance to your club then it is pretty safe from fights, so you can use him somewhere else in the club.

There are so many other tips that you can use to keep your customers happiness levels up and make your club lots of money. The NightClub City Secrets Guide is packed with cheats and tips and is well worth taking a look at. Click this link and find out: NightClub City Secrets Game Guide

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