Bouncers In Nightclub City Facebook Game

Bouncers In The Nightclub City Facebook Game

Bouncers – Quick Tips About Your Nightclub City Facebook Game Bouncers

Gotta Have ‘Em In Your Club

Every nightclub needs security, right? Well, it’s no different with the hit new Facebook game, NightClub City. You’ve got to have bouncers. And not only that but you have to have them stationed in the most strategically advantageous places if you’re going to maximize their effectiveness. 

Preventing Fights

Did you know that in NightClub City, fights don’t happen in tight areas, like the entrance to your club? So there’s no point in placing a bouncer at the door like you may be tempted to do. Well, that’s just one of the useful tips you could pick up if you played the game for hours and hours with careful observation and study. Sounds more like school than a game, doesn’t it? OR you could simply get the  NightClub City Guide and pick up tips like this—and so many others—without investing the time and brain cells you don’t have to invest in this. 

I did come to realize this fact (about jerks never picking fights in tight areas) on my own, but I’ve been playing the game for quite a while. Not as long as those who made the NightClub City Secrets Guide I’m sure, but long enough to notice little tidbits like this. 

The Bouncer’s Patrol Area

You’ve probably noticed the oval-shaped area that shows you where your bouncer patrols. You probably also know you can move that area. But do you know what are the best places to move it to? Knowing how your customers typically behave will help you know where to position your bouncers. If you Bouncer isn’t patrolling an area where fights are known to break out, the fights won’t get stopped, and that’s just bad for business of course.

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