When Do I Become Mayor Of Cityville Facebook Here Is How!

When Do I Become Mayor Of Cityville Facebook Here Is How!

When Do I become Mayor Of CityVille? Answer: When you have fulfilled the missions needed to unlock the Quest For Mayor. Ok, that’s mean so let me help you here!

First you should read my The Quick Version To Being Mayor Of CityVille then follow these easy tips to getting your dream job in CityVille and all the perks of being the Mayor!

As you know you have to complete the Become A Mayor Quest to get the prize job in CityVille game and I am sure by now you are realizing this is not an easy mission.

As you first start working on your CityVille city, you’ll be asked to fulfill certain missions from time to time. Of course, you have the option to ignore these missions and do your own thing, but doing so will make it much harder for you to become mayor.

  • If you do want to become the mayor of your city, you’ll have to complete all of these missions eventually.
  • It’s generally best to get these missions out of the way as quickly as possible.
  • Some of the missions are relatively simple like “Name Your City” and “Build a Bakery!”
  • As you continue along in the game, the missions will begin to require more effort and planning to complete.

For instance, before you can become mayor you’ll have to “Build City Hall.”

This requires not only some time and effort but also a certain number of friends or a sum of cash to keep up and running. Having the building up is great and everything but you still have to make sure that there are people to keep things running smoothly.

However, while it does take time and energy, things like building City Hall and other businesses will actually help make it easier to carry out some other missions later on.

For instance, to become mayor of your city, you’ll have to have a population of at least 1,000 and have collected from at least 30 businesses. Grab this to do it quicker:

Building these businesses and other community buildings are what help to increase your city’s population and their existence also gives you something to collect from to meet that goal.

In all there are 21 missions you’ll have to complete on the road to becoming the mayor of your city, and while they may be time consuming and seem tedious at certain points, they’ll also all help you to improve and grow your city.

What better way to prove that you deserve to be the mayor of this great city? After all, that’s what any good mayor would want to do anyway. Plus it will give you a much more vibrant and thriving city to take the reins of so that you have the best chance of reaching even greater heights.

Wow, that is a lot of work!

For a slightly easier and by far quicker way to get all the missions completed

When Do I Become Mayor In CityVilleclick this link When Do I Become Mayor Of Cityville?

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