Do You Want To Become The Mayor In Facebook CityVille Game? Quest It!

Do You Want To Become The Mayor In Facebook CityVille Game? Quest It!

In this article you will learn the tips and secrets you need to become a Mayor in your CityVille Facebook game. First be warned this is no easy quest but the perks are well worth it.

Lets face it everyone wants to be the mayor of CityVille so there has to be some challenge to it or it wouldn’t really be worth much. So, as I am sure you are aware you can not just march into the office and take the job over.

It you want to become Mayor of CityVille you have to earn it, show you have the dedication and skills necessary for such an honor. Cool uh? Just like in real life but with much more of a chance of being the Mayor.

The Quick Version To Being Mayor Of CityVille

Basically, in order to become mayor in CityVille, you need to complete the Become a Mayor Quest in the game, which requires you to have a population of 1,000 citizens and Collect from 30 buildings.

Now that is quite a Quest!

Before you can even get the chance to become a Mayor you have to complete all the goals on the left until the Mayor goal is unlocked. Then you will need to start building CityVille community buildings to increase your population to the max.

I broke it down a little more in this article When do I become Mayor of Cityville?

Wow, that is a lot of work! There is a slightly easier and by far quicker way that will help you get all the tips and secrets to help you Become The Mayor In Facebook CityVille Game.

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