FarmVille Game Feather Collection Guide

FarmVille Game Feather Collection Guide

FarmVille Game Collectables Items How To Complete Yours

Currently the FarmVille game collections include the Gardening Tools collection, Country Kitsch Collection, Bugs Collection, Feather Collection and Butterfly Collection. I have put together all the information you need to know to complete all your collections. Find out how to get the FarmVille game collections and collectibles and what are in each set.

This chart shows you what items are in the FarmVille Feather Collection, what you need to do to get the items, and how common they are.

FarmVille Game Feather Collection

Green Plume
Hen Feather
Dapple Plume
Red Feather
Banded Quill
Blue Feather
How Common
How To Get Feathers
Sending gifts
Harvesting chickens
Harvesting ducks
Fertilizing neighbors crops
Harvesting turkeys and geese
Harvesting trees


With all collections once you have collected all 6 items in 1 set, you can trade them all in for a reward:

  • 250 XP or
  • 5000 coins or
  • 5 Tanks of fuel

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