FarmVille Secrets Review

FarmVille Secrets Review

FarmVille Secrets Guide Review

Original FaceBook FarmVille Game Guide With All The Secrets

FarmVille Secrets Guide is going to help if you have piles of rotted vegetables and wondering what to plant to bring in the biggest profits. Are looking at neighbors who have ten times the resources as you yet are dreaming of owning a villa and the best vehicles FarmVille Secrets guide will get you there. This guide works for FarmVille on Facebook, MSN, MySpace, iPhone – where do you play?

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Fully updated in 2010 this is the original guide for the FarmVille game. This is not a guide to show you how to start playing FarmVille, this guide is for players who know the basics and want to advance to the higher levels. It is easy to see why it has quickly become one of the largest, and ultimate guides for anyone looking to achieve the perfect Farm on FarmVille. It is not full of bots, hacks or cheats, but all 100% legal Secrets to get you to the top levels.

What can FarmVille Secrets do for your FarmVille game?

In our opinion, FarmVille Secrets will most definitely change how you play the game forever. The information in this guide is not what you will find laying around on the internet – this guide is for players who really want to know this game inside out. You will learn how to quickly move up the levels, while raising the best crops and earning all the cash to get you to the top. Packed with all the secrets to master the FarmVille game. It is well written, easy to follow and includes free updates. Written by game guru T.Dubbs.

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We put Farmville Secrets in the hands of our Farmville players to see what they think.

Some of our players have been playing for a while now and others were quite new to the game after migrating from Mafia Wars. All admitted that they were struggling in some areas. Having enough coins, keeping crops alive, getting neighbors and obtaining villas were some of their biggest struggles.We were amazed at how quickly we moved up the levels with coins to spare! It is very easy to read, lots of valuable information and think it is a great guide for FarmVille players on all levels.

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