YoVille Secrets Guide Review Cheat Guide For YoVille

YoVille Secrets Guide Review Cheat Guide For YoVille

YoVille Secrets Guide Review

Cheat Guide For YoVille reviewed

YoVille players: are you looking for help on getting coins, getting to the top levels, trading, cheats, tips, and really mastering this game?

Then you really should look at YoVille Secrets. Currently the only legal cheat guide for the YoVille game played on Facebook and MySpace.

YoVille Secrets Reviewed by http://newgameguides.com

YoVille Secrets Guide

As always, we tested this guide on the game for a couple of weeks, on both starter games and the ones we already had running.

This is our review of YoVille Secrets.

First off, you should know that this guide is instantly downloaded to your computer, which makes it easy reference while you are playing. I just have it open so I can follow along and look up whatever I am stuck on.

It contains over 50 pages of real tips and strategies – no junk pages that you do not need. It is 100% legal so will not get you banned from the game.

Here are just a few highlights that we found very useful in our YoVille game.

Easy ways to earn coins – This is a biggie. You all know how hard the coins are to get and how fast they go. YoVille Secrets explains exactly how many you can make daily and how to schedule your game play from level 1 to the top to get the most coins.
It was amazingly easy to follow step-by-step and even more amazing  how fast we were able to gain coins.

Leveling up correctly – Lets face it, the first few levels are pretty easy to level up in (although after using this guide I did set up the new test game differently), but as you move up they get harder. Following the guide, we loaded up on XP and a couple of us got to Level 50 in the two-week test – wow!

Trading – We have traded in other Facebook games but I know  that when you first start out it seems a little confusing. This guide explains trading, how to do it and how to not get scammed.

YoVille Secrets Reviewed by http://newgameguides.com


I would not bother with this guide if you are happy to just move up the levels at your own speed and are not really interested in getting to the top. Many people play this way and why not, it is a fun game to play.


If you are really getting into YoVille and have a desire to master the game and move up the levels quickly, and also get enough coins and XP then I know you will love YoVille Secrets.

You will also learn how to get your hot tubs, Mafia Don Mansions and pool tables. So take a look at  YoVille Secrets and see what you think.

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