Roller Coaster Kingdom Secrets Game Guide Review

Roller Coaster Kingdom Secrets Game Guide Review

Roller Coaster Kingdom Secrets Game Guide Review

All The Help You Need To Become a Champion Theme Park Owner In Roller Coaster Kingdom!

We all know that the Roller Coaster Kingdom Game can hard to play. Knowing which rides to setup, getting coins, and booking tours at first can seem complicated. Then there is the car park, visitors, food and drink stands, when to feed and rest employees, and not let’s forget trying to get coins and XP!

So, we are honored to get our hands on an early release of Roller Coaster Kingdom Secrets – the newest guide from Tony Sanders. We immediately placed it in the hands of Roller Coaster players to see how good it is. Of course, this guy always writes fantastic game guides and we were happy to see that it is just as in-depth and mind blowing as his others.

How did the guide stand up?

First off, it turns out we were doing a half a dozen different things wrong in the game! However, after reading through the guide from start to finish, we learned how to play Roller Coaster Kingdom so much better.

Roller Coaster Kingdom Secrets - The best guide for the Roller Coaster Kingdom GameA few of the things this guide will teach you include:

  • It shows you exactly which rides to setup

  • How to set the rides up

  • Where to book tours

  • How to get the most possible coins

  • How to get tons of XP per hour

  • How to maximize your overall performance

This game is much easier when you have all the information and are able to stop wasting time trying to figure out the little things.

Roller Coaster Kingdom Secrets walks you through all the levels.

Our honest review after using the guide is that Roller Coaster Kingdom Secrets is going to prove to be the most in-depth guide that Roller Coaster gamers are ever going to need. It really helps with everything you need to play Zyngas biggest new game, and it is loaded to the brim with insider tips that will help you to master and enjoy Roller Coaster Kingdom to the fullest.

Well, it is time for you to check out this guide –

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More information 

Roller Coaster Kingdom Secrets is 100% legal so will not get you banned and is instantly downloaded to your computer – no waiting!