Pet Society Secrets Cheats Guide Review

Pet Society Secrets Cheats Guide Review

Pet Society Secrets Cheats Guide Review

Best legal guide available for all levels of the Playfish Pet Society Game.

Pet Society Facebook and MySpace players are you looking for help, cheats, and tips. Then you really should look at our review of a strategy guide called Pet Society Secrets and I think you will love it.

Stop searching for answers on how to cook loads, to cook or not to cook, get coins, more friends, paw points, pet poo, rainbow poo, dolls, and why the veggie soup uses your mushroom stools as an ingredient. Instead, get ready to move-up the levels quickly and max out your pet with all the help you need at your fingertips with Pet Society Secrets.

Pet Society Secrets cheat guidePet Society Secrets is in our opinion the best guide available to help you in this game. We used this guide in the game testing it at all levels. It is a nice beefy guide written by T. Sanders – his guides are always well researched and respected among game players. 

Ok, now let us look at our review of  Pet Society Secrets Cheat Guide.

**Bonus Free Cash guide still available .

Anyone who has visited this site before knows that we like to test the guides out on the game. As always, I started a brand new game while others used it on higher levels.

Pet Society Secrets was instantly downloaded to our computers – bam, ready to start using immediately. It has no illegal cheats that could get you banned – that is so important as you do not want to loose all your hard work because of some jerk on the internet that is pushing illegal cheats.

First thing, we noticed and liked is that Pet Society Secrets does not fill up its pages with how to start up in the game. You do not need to spend your cash on that – Instead it gets right into the nitty gritty of the game and explains how to move up the levels without having to pay out hard cash to Playfish. 

You will easily learn how to create a good schedule to play the game, then you will go on to learn all the different ways you can make coins, how to make more friends to take advantage of the game’s other mechanics, how to take advantage of mystery boxes (a notorious problem point for many people) and so much more. 

We had so much fun testing this guide out. Moving up the levels and reaching the higher ones was so amazingly – easy when you know how. 

Ok, no more of my rambling – I think it is time for you to go and check out Tony’s site as he explains everything about Pet Society Secrets. Take a quick look and see if it will be useful to improve your experience in your game.

Still here? Ok, here is the link again to read more and get your copy of Pet Society Secrets  Click Here Now