Myhomebreware Wii Unlocker Review

Myhomebreware Wii Unlocker Review

Wii Unlocker Ultra Review Start Playing Homebrew Today!

All our gamers have a Wii, so we decided to buy the Wii Unlocker Ultra  to test it out. We wanted to unlock our Wii consoles, play free homebrew games, and back up our expensive games to DVD. We also knew that we were not going to fork out hundreds of dollars to get a mod chip installed. Those days are over – we were not about to start messing around with the insides of our console nor pay someone else to do it.

Be careful of some of the online tips from at home hackers! You do not want to mess up your whole machine and lose the warranty. However it is very easy if you follow a proven highly detailed guide. Anyone can do it with the right guide. A couple of us have made the mistake of using the some of the free guides on the internet that are completely outdated. Some of them lack important instructions for the Wii DVD unlocking files. Hey, we love to play games but it does not make us all geeks!

Wii Unlocker

Wii Unlocker Ultra was put to the test

There are a lot of things that makes this one different and stand out including that it comes with free updates and includes Vidoes and Emulator.  Works on all versions of Wii.

They make it so simple that anyone can do it – they even have follow along videos, all the files you possibly need to unlock your Wii and install the Wii DVD features the Wii should have came with. Also includes a free emulator so you can play N64, Saga and SNS games.

After downloading everything we got to work. We had to refer to the videos a couple of times, but really it was easy. Six minutes later we were done and off downloading free games from the internet.

Wii Unlocker Ultra Get Yours Now Click on the green button and read all about it. Oh, and it is currently at a crazy low price and comes with a stack of bonuses including game cheats.


Simple to do and if you get lost the videos had the answers.

Works on all versions of Wii.


Having a hard time thinking of a con. Maybe if you really like buying your games and not into free homebrew then this may not be for you.

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Wii Unlocker Ultra with Videos will easily show you how to:

  • Forget about having to buy another game simply because there’s a scratch and the game freezes.
  • Now just pull out your original game and make yourself another copy and keep the OG in a safe place.
  • Play backup copies of your Wii games
  • Play Nintendo, N64, Saga games
  • Even listen to the radio from you Wii!
  • Took us less the 5 minutes! OK maybe 6!
  • No mod chip to install
  • No opening up or messing around with soldering your Wii

Do you want to know how to easily turn your Wii into a DVD multi media player and play homebrew games?

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