Mafia Wars Blueprint Guide Review

Mafia Wars Blueprint Guide Review

Mafia Wars Blueprint Guide Review

The Mafia Wars Blueprint Strategy Guide will boost your family size, get you the best weapons and walk you through all the levels. Mafia Wars Blueprint works on FaceBook, MySpace, iphone and Tagged.

How did the newest in the current batch of game guides for the world’s fastest growing social game turn out?

Review Mafia Wars Blueprint

At first glance, the guide is a lot like the other Mafia Wars guides with the usual claims of showing you how to grow your mafia family etc.

However, unlike some of the other guides you can find floating around the internet it actually contains many useful strategy tips.

This guide was obviously written by someone who has spent a great deal of time mastering the art of building a mafia and dominating their opponents.

It is clear that they have spent many hours playing this game and know exactly how to get you to the top.

It is nearly twice as long of some the other guides but were relieved to find it is jam packed with essential strategies and gets right to the point.

There are a lot of gems in this guide that when put into use really do:

  • boost your mafia family size
  • get you the best weapons get you further in the game fast
  • Increase you Godfather points – we loved that!
  • We were impressed to say the least.
  • Mafia Wars video – he has over 2000 energy points!

Mafia Wars Blueprint also includes a bonus guide “Free Godfather Points Report”

Download Mafia Wars Blueprint

mafia wars blue print free godfather points

Mafia Wars Blueprint - safe download from

Pressing the big green button takes you to At least go and check out the stats on the video – It will make you drool!

If you’re looking for a Mafia Wars guide, this should be the first (and last) one you check out. For what it promises, nothing else does better.

This guide has already been purchased by hundreds of Mafia Wars players who like us were very impressed and  happy with their purchase – How do we know? They have seen the value and kept it – this guide has zero returns unlike some of the other Mafia Wars guides that have not lived up to their claims. Go check out their site and see what you think.


Mafia Wars Blueprint is the top selling guide for Mafia Wars sold by

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