Gangster City Secrets Facebook Game Strategy Guide Review

Gangster City Secrets Facebook Game Strategy Guide Review

Gangster City Secrets Facebook Game Strategy Guide Review

Gangster City Secrets Only Guide For Playfish Gangster City Game

This guide is going to teach you how to get all the cash, neighbors, money, collections, and completing  jobs. In addition, how to double your playfish cash so you too can afford the best cars from Nessa’s Auto Shop, W.A.S.D. Arms and get all your black market items. Stop searching for cheats!

Gangster City Secrets GuideGangster City Secrets Voted 5 Stars

* First legal Guide For Gangster City Playfish game
* Includes Free Playfish Cash Guide and Lifetime Updates
* Author Tony Sanders (Also Mafia Wars Blueprint, FarmVille Secrets)
* Official Gangster Secrets site
Gangster City Secrets

Tony Sanders has yet again produced a quality guide for the newest game on Facebook and I am sure just like his other quality guides there will be copycats for this guide cropping up soon.  As usual, he is way ahead of the competition with the world’s first guide for Gangster City.

Gangster City Secrets

Gangster City Secrets Game Guide Includes

  • How to Buy and Maintain Energy
  • Earning Cash and Managing Your Properties
  • Balancing Your Income Sources
  • Adding and Benefiting from Your Associates
  • Getting and Using Playfish Cash Effectively
  • Robbing and Picking Good Jobs
  • The Collections You Can and Will Get in the Game

All the above will really get you moving up the levels and indeed give you a massive edge on the other Gangster City players who are trying to learn as they go.

However, this guide really gets into the nitty gritty of the game, for example:

All the jobs are broken down in chapter 5 which makes playing this game a lot more understandable and easier to move the levels.

You also get all the secrets and exactly what you need to know for speed leveling and make more money, while boosting your associates and building a solid family. In short, all the stuff that can be rather confusing when you start a new game has been broken down into easily digestible chunks that are relatively easy to follow.

Gangster City is a new game and just like Mafia Wars, there are players whose aim it is to make it to the top. Infact, Gangster City already has a select few guru players out there who have dinged Level 20, 25, 30 and higher!

This is your chance to use the only legal guide Gangster City Secrets – get in early and really dominate this game.

Gangster City Secrets Guide Gangster City Secrets Cheat GuideGangster City Free Playfish Cash

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