FrontierVille Power Up Your Energy Playing FrontierVille

FrontierVille Power Up Your Energy Playing FrontierVille

FrontierVille players learn how to avoid those annoying pop ups telling you that you have no energy! Find out how to power up your energy. These tips will help you if you are new to the FrontierVille game or find you keep running out of energy. Give your FrontierVille game an energy boost today.

Anyone who has played Frontierville knows one thing – they need a lot of energy to keep playing from day to day. The idea of energy isn’t new, but for those that have only played Farmville, it may seem like a stringent requirement. Luckily, there are ways to make it work for you if you play the game properly.

The most obvious way to get energy is to wait until your character naturally regenerates it.  As a result, many players just sit down and take a break until it comes back. But, what if you want to keep playing? Now you’re stuck sitting there, waiting for a bar to refill while your town wallows. It can take almost a full hour to replenish an empty bar.

Other Ways to Regenerate Energy In FrontierVille

So, instead of sitting around and waiting, you need to find some food to help boost your energy levels. That’s easy enough with the meal system in Frontierville:

  • Light Snack – Boosts 3 Energy Points for 36 Food Points
  • Breakfast – Boosts 7 Energy Points for 80 Food Points
  • Lunch – Boosts 15 Energy Points for 165 Food Points
  • Dinner – Boosts 30 Energy Points for 320 Food Points
  • 7 Course Feast – Boosts 62 Energy Points for 600 Food Points
  • All You Can Eat Platter – Replaces all energy for 10 Horseshoes
  • Beef Jerky – Replaces all energy and increases total by 3 for 30 Horseshoes

So, obviously food is an important way to replace your energy. But, you can also use meals as gifts received from your friends. Just ask them for meals on the gifts page in the game. These meals are no different than the ones you can buy for yourself, so it’s vital you take advantage of the gifting system to get them.

Another great way to boost energy is to get to work on your homestead fixing up your house, clobbering snakes, chopping wood, or much more. You won’t always get a refill of energy, and your work will obviously use up energy, so be wise and economical about which actions you take on the homestead – you want to get the most out of your play time.

One of the easiest ways to get power is to constantly visit you neighbors and help them with their farms. Every time you visit, a drop down menu presents you with five tasks with a value attached to each. You should also add more neighbours whenever they send you a request to do so as making friends in a social gaming milieu is what will keep you powerful.

There are no “cheats” for energy in Frontierville. You must simply play the game smart and efficiently, working hard and ensuring you continuously eat food that will replenish the energy levels constantly going down.

There is however a game strategy guide for FrontierVille

If you want to be successful in Frontierville, you need to carefully watch your energy levels at all times. They will rapidly go up and down as you play, but only if you spend enough time balancing your tasks will you be able to effectively play whenever you like.