FrontierVille 7 Easy Cheats For Frontierville Game

FrontierVille 7 Easy Cheats For Frontierville Game

Learn these 7 easy but sneaky tricks and cheats to use when playing the Frontierville game.

Learn when to clobber, Fox management, Peach trees, what to buy, neighbors, and balancing attacks.

Do you need help and a boost with your FrontierVille game or looking for how to play Frontierville? Then these amazing yet easy tips are going to help.

There are many social games out there and not all of them are as easy as the rest. Frontierville, the newest social game from Zynga, falls squarely into that latter category, offering more complexity than the Farmville crowd is used to. So, to help those of you who are trying to get ahead in the game, here are some much needed sneaky cheats and tips:

When to Clobber In FrontierVille

  • Always wait before you clobber a snake or bear in the game.
  • You’ll run into them when clearing your grass or cutting down tre3es, but remember that the act of clobbering costs you energy and you need to keep clearing.
  • Since only one varmint at a time can come out, you may as well wait until you’re ready to use up your energy to do it.

Fox Management In FrontierVille Game

  • Be careful about how you handle the foxes that attack your geese and chickens.
  • If you place those birds at the property line, as far away from the rest of your town as possible, you can create a buffer that the fox won’t cross.
  • You can also clobber the foxes once or twice to get rid of them – a much appreciated format that works far better when managing your energy.

Get Peach Trees In FrontierVille

  • When you visit neighbours harvest peach trees first so you get the highest possible return on your time investment.
  • Peach trees are the holy grail of energy replacement from trees, so they are your buddy (at least for now – expect upgrades in the future).

Buy What You Need In FrontierVille

  • Food costs money, but you need it to keep your energy levels up.
  • So, instead of buying food whenever you dip down to 50%, wait until you need exactly as much energy as a single piece of food offers.
  • If you’re down only 20 and it offers 30, that’s a huge waste of possible energy and of food points.

Ask Your FrontierVille Neighbors for Help

  • Guess what – those neighbors you’ve been collecting are real people and will give you help whenever possible if you let them.
  • So, instead of spending a ton of horseshoes and coins on things, ask for help.
  • Get some meals as gifts, and whatever other gifts you need to maintain your energy levels and play for longer.


  • The same as you expect your neighbors to send you gifts, you’d better return the favor.
  • Whenever you get a gift, return it.
  • Whenever you have a free moment, send a gift.
  • Whenever you need some reputation points, help someone’s town.
  • These are great ways to build rapport and get more from your neighbors later when you really need it.

Balancing Varmints Attacks

  • Instead of moving towards the varmints that come onto your farm, use the harvest tool and move yourself away from the snakes and bears – a sort of keep away that will allow you to keep your energy while avoiding an attack from one of the wild animals in the game.

Frontierville is loaded with fun tricks and tips that will help you play more efficiently and get more out of your time with neighbors. Us these tricks wisely and keep your eyes open for new ones that popup constantly.

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