FarmVille Perfect Strategy Guide Review

FarmVille Perfect Strategy Guide Review

FarmVille Perfect Strategy Guide Review

We tested FarmVille Perfect in the FarmVille Game

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FarmVille Perfect is a new strategy guide for the FarmVille game. If you are looking for help, cheats and tips to improve your farm then you really should take a look at this guide. Want to have charts of all the trees, crops, and animals at hand? Know the best way to make coins and fast leveling or get your Villa?
FarmVille Perfect promises that you will have your villa in no time and a nice stack of spare coins to boot. But can it really deliver? This video impressed us – click the picture to watch it too.
FarmVille Facebook Video Perfect Farm
Well we want all the stuff it promised so after grabbing a copy of this guide we put it to the test – in FarmVille.

Review of FarmVille Perfect


  • All the charts you need – trees, crops, animals – they have them all
  • Lots of secret tips that really help for faster leveling and earning coins and XP’s
  • Great for a newbie to FarmVille but also focuses on getting to the high levels –  fast
  • Well written and easy to understand with nice pictures to help explain elements of the game
  • Issued 2010 and includes free updates
  • Full 60 Day money back guarantee

After starting FarmVille games from scratch and dedicating time to playing we moved up the levels very quickly and soon had lots of coins to purchase decorations etc. Cons: We thought about this for a long time and can not really find any. It seems like FarmVille Perfect lives up to its name. All in all it is a really solid guide with details for the beginner and the FarmVille addict. Check FarmVille Perfect out for yourself and see what you think Visit FarmVille Perfect now  – oh, at least watch the video 49,000 coins and level 70!