Country Story Secrets Guide Review For Country Story Facebook Game

Country Story Secrets Guide Review For Country Story Facebook Game

Country Story Secrets Guide Review – Country Story Facebook Game

All The Legal Cheats, Tips, And Strategy For The Country Story Game

Country Story is turning out to be the next big craze among Facebook games and is looking like it is going to take over FarmVille in popularity. It is bigger, much longer, and packed with fun content, and people are flocking to it. At last there is a guide available called Country Story Secrets – packed with all the cheats, tips and strategy to help you in this game.

Country Story Secrets

 I heard about Country Story Secrets and checked out the guide to see if it really offered the strategy and tips to be helpful where we are going to need it the most – when the levels get even harder. This game is certainly challenging on some levels and that is part of the appeal – giving players a real sense of achievement.

The guide was written by a guy who is famous for his game guides, for people who have played these games before and know what they are doing.

It is very in-depth (45 pages) and although it does of course have sections for players new to the game, it does not stop there.

I often look at game guides that are great for the beginner but fail to take it any further. Country Story Secrets is not one of those guides – It looks like Country Story Secrets would be perfect for someone just starting out in the game and it will not leave you hanging at a certain level.

 Quick look some of the things Country Story Secrets covers:

  • Crop selections
  • Watering Cycles
  • Friend Management
  • Quests
  • Stamina
  • Plowing
  • Seeds
  • Fertilizing
  • Animals
  • 45 pages long!
  • Includes a free bonus PF cash report
  • 100% money back guaranteed. 

In addition, it offers help with all those things that are hard to juggle and figure out in the Country Story game. It also is currently the only strategy guide of this capacity available. 

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I think this great guide would help anyone play Country Story better. It is well written, well outlined, and full of good strategies.