City Of Wonder Game How To Get Coins And Gold

City Of Wonder Game How To Get Coins And Gold

In the City of Wonder game, making silver coins and gold bars is achieved by growing goods, trading, helping friends, or even clicking on embassies. It is that easy! Well, apparently not. Here are a few tips to quickly get lots of  gold and coins in the City of Wonder Facebook game.

People are struggling to get money to build cultural buildings to keep their population happy.

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If you have not found out by now then here is a warning: when your people are unhappy, you will struggle to level up.

That is how it goes in the real world as well, unhappy people leads to a society’s demise.

How To Get Gold Bars And Silver Coins In The City of Wonder Facebook Game?

I would recommend that you start the day by clicking at your embassies located in all your allies’ accounts. That itself will make you significant amounts of money in less than 2 minutes.

That money alone however will not be sufficient.

Knowing what goods to grow in the City of Wonder game at the right time is essential to making lots of gold and coins. You need to plan ahead – you can’t grow a good that takes 2 hours to mature and you go away for 4 hours.

You will end up wasting your money as the goods will expire!

In the City of Wonder game it is also important to buy wisely.

Only buy the cultural buildings that you need. Do not overspend on decorations although they too might help keep your people happy.


The Main goal here is to balance making money and keeping your people happy.

Make sure your people are happy because when they are not, you miss out on the chance to go on expeditions whether it is to trade, exchange or attack.

You can also build marvels that require the help of friends. It’s FREE! And it helps keep your people happy for a long time.

As you go through the levels, you will find that making money in the higher levels is easier. Having said that, the buildings that will keep your people happy will also be much more expensive.

Make sure you have the maximum amount of goods building in your city. That helps maximize your earnings.

All in all, mastering the City of Wonder Facebook game is about using the right strategies and techniques to expand your city efficiently. Even someone who checks their account once a day could level up faster than someone who sits in front of their computer for 10 hours a day!

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