Cafe World Secrets Guide Review

Cafe World Secrets Guide Review

 Cafe World Secrets Guide Review

Cafe World Secrets will change your Cafe World game and show you the right way to quickly move up the levels. When and what to cook, best ovens, cafe layout, all the tricks and tips, and so much more. 

Cafe World Secrets Cheat GuideCafe World Secrets – Fully Updated 2010 

First, remember that you will be getting your hands on a trusted guide for the Cafe World game. It is packed with hundreds of tips and cheats for all levels and includes free updates.

This is going to give you a massive advantage over the millions of other players. You will have all the tips and tricks you need, at your fingertips, which will guide you quickly through all the levels.   

Here are just a few of the things our game testers found very quick to learn and use:  

Cafe World Secrets How to earn loads of Cafe World cash – without paying for it with real cash!  

Cafe World Secrets What recipes bring in the biggest points  

Cafe World Secrets How long you can keep your food before it rots  

Cafe World Secrets How to set-up your cafe and keep your customers  

Cafe World Secrets Increase and keep your buzz  

Cafe World Secrets Grow your cafe to a full-blown restaurant  

Cafe World Secrets Earn points and coins fast  

Cafe World Secrets Move through the levels fast – with your cafe set-up correctly  

Plus so much more – Our gamers are confident that this guide will help you at all levels.  

Whether you are looking at a stack of rotten bacon cheeseburgers, an empty cafe, or are trying to find out how long a spitfire roaster chicken takes to cook, you will find all the answers and more in the Cafe World Secrets Guide.  

Take your cafe further and get your dream restaurant and a stash of coins now!   

Cafe Secrets Get Your Now  

 The green button takes you the site where you can get more information on The Cafe World Secrets Guide – they have some very impressive stats and tips.      

cafe world secrets free cash** New Bonus Now includes ‘Free Cafe World Cash Guide’ **


Fully updated 2010, Cafe World Secrets Guide is the perfect game guide for the Cafe World game.    

New Game Guides received an advanced copy and put it in the hands of our game testers – they all were happy to get their hands on it and be among the first to gain an edge!
Although relatively new, The Cafe World game is taking off fast. Over 8 million members joined in the first week alone! Nevertheless, we did at first question if there was in fact a need for a game guide. We wondered if anyone would really want one, however we also remembered how we were left behind in Mafia Wars – all because thousands of other players were so quick to get the guides.  
Because our game testers seemed so excited about getting their own copies of Cafe World Secrets, we decided to go ahead with our test.
As the reports started to flow in we were convinced that this guide is worthy of a review on our site and indeed is a must buy for Cafe World players looking to learn and quickly move up in the game. 

One of the major criteria’s for a guide to warrant a review by us is that someone writes it who knows the game. It is frustrating to get a guide only to find out it is full of information that is freely available on the internet or written by someone who has no idea about the game.    

 The Cafe World Secrets guide passed the test!  


 Oh, and it is 100% legal so will not get you banned!